Sewn Product Services is a comprehensive team featuring a deliberate and intentional process. At SPS, we work with Designers who specialize in your product niche and utilize industry best practices to create patterns, prototypes and spec packs that guide your production. We take your company’s vision from idea to finished product. Your success is our success. We are your product development and production team.
We look forward to sharing our time-tested process with your company. Get in touch with us today to discuss your company’s goals!

I have worked with Sewn Product Services for the past 7 years and have been pleased over and over again by their level of professionalism, responsiveness, and competence. We have grown our businesses together and navigated the changing terrain of manufacturing and at each step they have adapted and grown with us and easily and eagerly met our needs. They continue to surprise me with their proactive approach to problem solving and efficiency. Their production flexibility is the greatest asset they bring to our business. If I want a small run or a large run they are able to accommodate my needs. They are quick to communicate and inform me of the status of my order, they are timely in delivery, and willing to make amends if there is an error. They are the best match for our company and hope to be working with them for many years to come!
— Christie Skoorsmith, Production Manager, SPIO


Product Development

Our product developers are experienced engineers who know that fabrication choice affects the performance of your final design. Our process is deliberate and intentional to achieve the best result with maximum efficiency. A complete spec pack and final  prototype always accompany your final digital pattern to follow industry best practices and to give the pre production planning process maximum integrity.


Product Verification

Product Verification allows us to input your existing pattern and other collateral to our systems and keep your development moving forward. This process yields the same deliverables as Product Development and allows us to represent your company in the pre-production planning and production processes.



We develop your size grade based on specific inputs from target market research.  Our product developers are skilled graders supported by state of the art pattern drafting software to ensure the integrity of fit across size range and design lines.


Pricing and Cost Studies

Entrepreneurs often ask us “How much will these cost to make?” Once your final prototype is landed, it can be measured by cost. We help you ensure that you are achieving a margin that fits in your business plan.



During marker development, we maximize your fabric’s efficiency and work directly with your factory to optimize the cutting process. We develop markers to be modular in multiple productions.

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Manufacturing Set Up

We help you find a factory, get CMT pricing, establish QA/QC procedures and are your ally every step of the way. Several packages are available. 

Manufacturing Management

We offer manufacturing management services from our office to handle the details of continuing productions. We  order and manage inventory of your raw goods, deliver them to the factory, and check in at intervals during the production.