Sewn Product Services

Noun  |  (Sohn PROD-uckt SUR-vis-is)  |  Origin: Seattle, Washington 2009

Definition: 1. Experts in product development and pre-production planning for the apparel, soft goods, and wearable technologies industries.



When we began in 2009 we worked with hand-drafted patterns on oak tag paper and laid out markers by hand. While these methods are entirely effective and quite romantic and picturesque, they have limitations in efficiency and modularity. We identified the need to add technology to our process and currently work with both PAD and Optitex pattern and marker systems. We’ve polished our process enough to automate it in the Chameleon PLM system. Once only available to major players in the industry, now all of our clients benefit from the database horsepower  that organizes all project collateral in a secure central location.



We offer our clients a vast network of designers, factory  partners, and materials vendors. We have established relationships with key players so that our clients can have direct access to vendors who are proven performers.


Bring It On:

We are excited about growth at SPS. From our humble beginnings in a 200 sq. ft., sublet rental space in industrial Seattle to our current 3500 sq. ft. workshop in SODO, we have grown our business organically and the sky is the limit. We intend to provide our time-tested process with anyone who needs the support it offers.

I feel so fortunate to work with Sewn Product Services. I walked into their office with a pattern and needed help getting my project produced. They were so helpful throughout the entire process. They were so patient and had such a wealth of information to share with me. I have learned so much and they have really made the process so much easier!
— Rose Anderson, Rhody Lane


Jenny Mae Miller
Owner, Sales and Marketing

About five years prior to starting Sewn Product Services, I was rocking my newborn baby girl to sleep one afternoon and thinking about telling her that she could do anything she wanted to do. My next thought was “If I want her to hear me, I had better get busy doing what I want to do”.

Those thoughts inspired me to enroll in the Apparel Design and Development program at Seattle Community Colleges, a program I’d longed to complete for years. I suspended what I thought I should do so that I could pursue what I wanted to do instead.

Kristine Carlton
Owner, Product Development Director

Sewing is my first love. I began restyling my own clothes by age twelve, and have never been far away from a sewing machine since. I have always identified myself as a “maker”.  Even though I am passionate about the process of creating something from nothing, I could not see it as a career path; it didn’t make sense.

Once I realized that making sense didn’t make me happy, I had nothing to lose. Soon after, I discovered the Apparel Design and Development Program at Seattle Community Colleges and launched headlong into it.

It was in this program that we met, discovered that we had tried the same previous career paths, and that we were in possession of valuable life experience between us. This empowered us to create the world we wanted to live in. We bought our initial equipment while working on our shared final portfolio and started SPS immediately after graduation. In these years since, we have created a product development and pre-production planning process that offers support to both established companies and entrepreneurs.

My kid is now in middle school. Doing what we want to do now takes precedence over the things we think we should do.

It turns out doing the thing that makes me happy makes the most sense after all.

The Team

Kristen Shirts

Product Developer

Cailyn Embring

Product Developer

Genevieve Walker

Product Developer

Edy Sayles

Product Developer




Allison Gentry

Manufacturing Liaison

Susan Gaoaen

Manufacturing Lead